The personal Covid 19  Memory Book 2020

Will we ever forget the Spring of 2020, when our lives changed forever from Covid 19 and we all discovered a new life reality?


When we had to share our space with our family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Home schooling, remote working, zoom calls , casual dressing and either fear or excitement of a weekly visit to the local supermarket became our existence.


Evelyn Mc Glynn and Meg O’Gara the team behind The Mammy Handbook, realised the value of capturing the memories we are making at this time. Documenting the experiences we are living through for posterity and so they created, “The personal Covid 19,  Memory Book 2020”  a personal  workbook memoir, for everyone from teens to centenarians  to capture the details of their life during this time.


This beautiful digital memory book prompts us to answer questions such as:

  • During the days of social distancing, cocooning, staying safe at home, what did you do?
  • How did you feel?  Who did you share your space with?
  • Did you have to home school?
  • Did you continue to work, in your home or on the frontline leaving your home so that others could stay safe in theirs?
  • Has the entire experience changed your outlook on life?

Evelyn and Meg believe that years from now people will recall this unique stage of life and  what they write in this memoir will document how they and their world changed in 2020.  By filling out the sections in this e book people will literally write their personal history for future members of their family.



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