About Us

Ev & Meg! 

The Mammy Duo

After a chance meeting in early 2019, these two creative mothers hit it off and formed a wonderful partnership.

Shortly after meeting we quickly discovered we had quite a lot in common, one thing on the list was a shared passion for books having talked about them since the first day of meeting! So it came as no big surprise when we decided to embark on a journey together creating a book about motherhood from a global perspective.

An International book, for all mothers, whether you are called Mom, Mam, Mammy, Mommy, Ma or anything else.
We really wanted to create a book that had the expert at the heart of each page, and what better expert is there than you and mothers just like you.

As the creators of The Mammy Handbook, we claim no expert knowledge of the motherhood experience but continue our never-ending mammy apprenticeship year after year. (35 years and counting)!!


Drawing on Meg’s background in Psychology & Autism and career in mental health and special needs, plus 2 children under 3 (and another new arrival due in just a few short weeks time). Meg’s stage in the Motherhood Journey contrasts Evelyn’s so nicely. Evelyn, a qualified Life Coach, Donegal Mammy blogger and mum to 3 adult children who have all flown the coop. Together we have an understanding of what to expect at all stages of motherhood, what us mothers feel guilty about and how to value the wisdom of all other mothers, just like the mums who contributed to this book.

This book is packed full of top tips from mothers spanning the globe.
Its a book where YOU & women like you are the expert and their voice is heard; covering all ages of motherhood from the early years to the empty nest.

Some people may think we have completely lost our marbles but we like to think that all the best things in life are cooped up in the small hours of the morning over hushed phone calls (so as not to waken the tiny humans) and Facebook messenger!

And so, The Mammy Handbook was “born”!!

We quickly set to work with our goal of creating and publishing the book within 30 days!

Could we do it? 

We have created this book, consulting with the very best experts on the planet – YOU and mothers just like you! Sharing stories and tips, what worked & what didn’t and how we all muddle through the madness and survive!

We hope you laugh cry and learn a trick or two as you flick through each page.

It’s Going to be an adventure!

We are Launching a brand new podcast!!